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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Book buddies

description: in poutuma we have been doing book buddies and if you don't know what book buddies are then i'll tell you. so book buddies is when you get into a buddy with someone who reads like you. then you choose a book that you and your buddy like.here is my slide⬇️

feedback:i really like your group name, its awesome.
feedforward: you had some spelling mistakes.phoebe

evaluation: i think i did good on my slide
i think i need to work on reading more.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Girls club😊

Description:in Girls Club we have been performing plays. We were in two groups. One group did the play called The Red Hen and the Sea Crocodiles. Yassmine, Zoey, Kayla, Phoebe and Kiana performed this play. The other group performed Anything is Better. Naomi, Azahra, Tayla and Rebekah were in this group. 
Our goal was to ad more actions and have a loud and clear voice.
I think we achieved our goals because we practiced a lot.

Fe,dback:I like the way you talk probably 
Feed forward: I think you need to work on your cring better zoey 

Monday, 1 August 2016


Description: today I did discovery. I made a doll for my sister. It went wrong I little bit though. I'll tell you how. So I tried to get the stuffing in the arm and the leg but I couldn't so now she's called flat girl. But i'm sure my sister will like it. The reason why I making this is because my sister is in hospital don't want to make her a present look down to see the doll I made her it's not done though⬇️