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Monday, 4 July 2016


Description: In term one we did some buddy art but it wasn't all the same art it Wass all different pictures making one big picture but the problem Wass we cauld only do it on Tuesday's but we still got it done and if you want to see it go to Russell st schooll. If you already go to rss then it's by the art room. Here is the whole art and my art⬇️
This is what I used on my art
Water colour 

Evolution: what I thought was easy was drawing the grid. And the hard thing was drawing it and colouring. But next time I think I'm going to work on the colours a bit better.

Kapa haka

description: in kapa haka we have been practicing for Pai tamariki. We did Pai tamariki on Tuesday it was really fun but sadly it wasn't a competition but I think we did great.
Here's a video 👇🏻

Evaluation:I think I did great in Kupa Hakka.
I think i need to work on  the facial expressions.
Feed forward: I think you need to work on your facial expressions. Yassmine
Feedback:I think you did great on your description.
Feed forward: