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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Drama with Rebecca

Description: I am doing drama with Rebecca my favorite part is hot seating and the stuff we did with Mel it was fun. We were learning to use our bodies, language and projecting our voices. 
Big idea we did hot seating, you can't take me and we did some activities with Mel. This is me being a light in a bedroom for you can't take me. In you can't take me, Rebecca would tell us what she would like, and you had to persuade her not to take us.

Feedback feed forward: I liked the way that you were so enthusiastic and got involved with everything we did. I think you could work on not giggling while you are presenting so you stay in role and make it interesting for the audience.

Friday, 14 August 2015

somebody wanted but so then.

succes criteria:
Why did you choose it? because i dont now summarising that much
Why is that your goal? Because I like summarising
What does it mean? That you put a story into a summary
What have you been learning in your workshops? Putting a story from kiwi kids news into a summary
What is the tic tac toe

descripcion: goldilocks and the three bears.

once upon a time there was three bears and goldilocks (lets go on a walk while ow dinner is cooking)said mummy bear.
oh o her comes goldilocks (nock nock) oh nobody is home maybe ill go in side. look theres some dinner well i souldent take some sell i well i am a little bit hungry oh thats to hot watabout this one oh thats to cold what about this one just right.I need to sit down oh this cheer is to big this cheer is to small oh this cheer is just right...if you want to see the rest of the story go to katelyns blog.


SLCT T3 2015